Threshing and crushing machine “REBLER" LGU 202, 203, 252

Mint, melissa, sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary

The machine is simple to use, it’s highly efficient and beside leaf threshing it partly separates leaves from stems and classifies leaves. The machine is reliable and for many years is in use by our clients.

Start phase

The material is loaded by a belt conveyor. In order to use the machine LGU 252 you will need belt conveyor.

One operator loads herbs into the charging hopper of the Belt conveyor - VARIO (4,5m x 0,6m). Belt conveys material into the Threshing and crushing machine Rebler LGU. Herb material can be loaded automaticly, with help of dosing belt conveyors which have big capacity. On this way you are eliminating the human labor during the feeding of the machine and achive maximal performance in work.

Wide usage value

LGU gives excellent processing results (mint, melissa, sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary...)

After the threshing, the leaves and stems fall onto the sieve which is integrated with the machine. The sieve separates material in four fractions:

Rebler LGU represents combination of the working organ, has high efficiency, best threshing in regard to material wetness, and lowest leaf degradation. This is very important because during the process of grinding the essential oil is drastically lost.

Electronic regulation

in the machine it is instaled a new system of asynchronous speed with electronic control and speed regulation. The machine operators can choose whether they will work in a synchronized or unsynchronized working mode, while the sensors control the operation of the machine and immediately synchronize the speeds of working elements when necessary. This is a way to increase efficiency of the machine when processing some demanding herb species, such as particular kinds of oregano or thyme.

The sieves oscilation frequency is also electronically regulated.

Easy and comfortable

While designing LGU 252, special attention was paid to finding the best solution for quick and simple opening of the machine for cleaning and easy servicing, while the safety of the operator remained on the highest level.

    • Dimension (WxLxH): 5000x1700x3000mm
    • Approximate Weight: 300kg
    • Engine power: 0.75KW
    • KConveyor with ribs: 600mm
    • Angle adjustment: Continual between 20 and 40 degrees
    • Additional equipment: Electronic speed regulation
    • Approximate Weight: 1200kg
    • Engine power: 1.5 KW; 1,1; 2 x 0,55 / 380V
    • Number of sieves: 2
    • Sieve size: 2500x800mm
    • Perforation of sieves: "Peterson"
    • Speed regulation: Electronic regulation