The machine for cutting the stalk of picked and dried chamomile flower OGK 1003-A


The cutting machine OGK1003-A has been developed specially for cutting the flower head off the stalk. It produce flower heads of a high quality with excellent shape and appearance.

Adjusting the operating distance between drum and knifes allows easy tuning and clean cut. The high capacity sieve separate flower heads from stalk and pulvis. Processed mass falls on the special sieve which separate flower heads from stalk and pulvis.

OGK1003-A has possibility of speed optimisation in accordance to the speed of control tables, belt and spiral conveyors so it is very suitable for line production.

Machine is mounted onto the wheels allowing easy mowing and forming of production lines.

All shells have micro-swich which give maximal safety in work.

  • Dimension (WxLxH): 2440mm x 1914mm x 2525mm
  • Approximate weight: 970kg
  • Engine power: 1.1KW / 380V
  • Number of sieves: 1
  • Number of knifes: 2
  • Performance: 40-100kg/h depending on input material