Threshing and crushing machine “REBLER" LGU 151 P-L

Mint, melissa, rosemary, oregano, thyme

Machine REBLER LGU 151 P-L is intended for removing leaves from stems of different herb species such as mint, melissa, rosemary, oregano, thyme, etc.

Whole dry plants are input in the machine.

LGU 151 P-L was designed as a response to needs of small-scale and middle-scale producers of aromatic and medicinal herbs as well as the producers who occasionally use a technological process of removing leaves from stems, and whose demands are related to smaller dimensions and significantly lower price of the machine.

The machine has a compact construction. It does not require a large space for storing and handling. While making the design for the machine, we took into account ergonomic features for easy handling of the machine.

The material is input manually, so one operator is needed to handle the machine by inputting the herbs on the integrated belt conveyor.

The machine also has one sieve which selects herbs that are to be processed. After the leaves are removed from the stems, the material falls on the sieve where the stems are separated from the leaves. The stems go above the sieve, while the leaves fall below the sieve.

Sieve perforation depend on herb species which is being processed. The sieve is changeable. You can order a set of spare sieves, and change them according to herb species.

Beside its main function (removing the leaves from the stems) it can also be used as a vibrating selector. For this purpose, there is a fixed hopper above the sieves where you input leaves or seeds you want to select.

Safety systems. The machine is designed in accordance with the EU regulations, in order to provide the maximum safety at work.

Efficiency. The dimensions of the machine are relatively small. However, due to a number of new technical solutions, the machine has remarkable efficiency in operation.