Indented Cylinder Separator Trier T-3.5/900 with dosing belt conveyor VARIO 402

Seeds and leaves

The machine is in use for selection of different materials, and in herb production has usage in the separation of seeds or leaves from different inclusions such as stones, tiny stems, chaff and similar.


ICS is designed basically for the selection of granular materials, however its technical solution enables usage in leaf processing too.

Specifically designed inlets and outlets with forcible charging and discharging ensure high bandwidth, provide easy and safe flow of not only granular material but coarse material - leaves types as well.

The large diameter cylinder of Ø 900mm and the cylinder length of 3,5m guaranties high performance and good results.

ICS T – 3.5/900 is standardly equipped with electronic for regulating the rotational speed of cylinder, which gives flexibility in work and enables fine adjustments for reaching maximal result in herbs processing.

Changing the angle of the trough with screw conveyor is carried out by a special electric motors. There is a specific option to rotate complete trough 180-360 degrees which allows easy cleaning and maintenance while working with a different herb types.

The possibility of changing the angle of inclination is standard option.

As an option we offer the specially adjusted belt conveyor for material loading into ICS.

  • Diameter: 900mm
  • Length: 3500mm
  • Regulation: Electronic speed regulation
  • Sieve inclination: Adjustable 0 – 5 deegres
  • Material: Regular steel
  • Belt conveyor - engine: 0.55KW – 3/PE AC 50Hz 400 V
  • Belt conveyor - material: PVC