Harvester VB 4

The machine VB 4 is a NEW generation of harvesting-mowing machines.

Belongs to a group of connecting machines and can be used with many models of II category tractors.

Among many innovations and technical solutions we applied, we would point out only some of them such as:

  • - Working organ of machine is increased to 2,1 m
  • - Mowed (cut) herbs are collected in receiving hopper whose volume is now 6 m3
  • - The new hydraulic lifting system of receiving hopper during discharge ensures continuous discharge height in the range of 1.2 m to 2.15 m
  • - Receiving hopper is equipped with a chain conveyor and a system for the distribution of the mass in the hopper and the discharge of the hopper
  • - We developed a new mechanism for copying terrain with reinforced wheel, which enables better copying of the field
  • - Equipped with adapter for mowing with double cut
  • - Hydraulic system for taking the working/transport position
  • - The axis of the machine has the possibility of control, which enables easier maneuvering in the field
  • - System with four cameras and two monitors integrated into control panel are being delivered as additional equipment. This system enables visual control of hopper fullness, control of machine reverse movement, and control of the mowed area of the field. Four cameras are placed in such way to provide an excellent overview around the machine which helps the operator to a great extent, while working.


The machine can be ordered with different adapters which are easily changed depending on herb species you are harvesting.

This makes the machine VB 4 an universal, economical solution which can be used throughout the whole year for different cultivation, for picking leaves or mowing different herbs.

Adapter for mowing

Adapter for mowing can be used for wide range of herb species, such as mint, lemon balm, oregano, basil, parsley, etc.

It is possible to mow plants with different height ranging from 15 cm to 100 cm.

Mowing device performs double-cut and it makes clean cut to the stem, therefore it does not crush the plant and allows faster regrow.

Machine has its own signalization and it can be transported on public roads.