Vibration separator FS 3004

Mint, melissa, sage, chamomile

FS 3004 is machine with wide possibilities and high efficiency. Basically it is a vibration separator, with four sieves placed one above another, which separates material in five fractions. Dimension of each sieve is 1000x3000mm. FS 3004’s concept is to allow possibility of upgrading with different parts, giving multifunctional machine which can carry out several tasks in herb processing.


FS 3004 can be delivered with different adapters and depending of these parts machine can be in use for:

  • - Herb processing (mint, melissa, sage etc) – leaf removing from the dry herb – classifying bigger stems from leaves – leaf separation in three fractions – undusting
  • - Chamomile processing – cutting of stems from dry chamomile flower – flower/pulvis/small cut stems/petals selection – separation of leaves from the flower with air flow.
    • Sieve length: 2800mm
    • Sieve width: 950mm
    • Number of sieves: 4
    • Weight: 1050kg
    • Electro motor power: 2.2kW