Drum separator for fresh chamomile flowers BARABAN 4.1

Chamomile processing

Drum separator is used for chamomile separation after harvesting and before drying.

First fraction is chamomile flowers with stems with the length up to 30mm, which is dried in a drying facility. Second fraction is long stems with small quantity of flowers, mixed with weed, which is dried separately or naturally in a shady and drafty storages.

Drum separator is easy for operation. It is quiet, does not produce vibrations and dust. Since the material is separated in two fractions bigger percentage of material can be dried with less energy which reduces the total cost. Also it provides a big percentage of first-class chamomile after the separation.

  • Dimensions(Length/Width/Height): 5300mm x 2510mm x 1640mm
  • Approximate weight: 1100 kg
  • Engine power: 1.5 kW; 0.55 kW
  • Capacity: Input capacity 1500 kg/h