About us


Euro Prima was established 2001 with headquarter in Serbia. Our production is based on the machines for medicinal herbs and spices processing. Euro Prima's produces a comprehensive range of the machines which cover almost all phases of medicinal herbs and spices production, starting from the harvesting and mowing to the production of high quality final products, whether it is a flower, leaf or root.

High quality machines developed by our engineers, unique technology in herbs processing and focus on solving numerous specific problems that are now placed in front of the producers of the medicinal herbs and spices, classified us as one of the best world producers of the machines from this area.

Long-term presence on the market in over 50 countries of the world has provided us great experience with different herb species, and with the specificities of these herb species which are grown on different continents.

Our philosophy is high quality machines, based on new technologies and on our researches of needs of the agricultural producers and buyer of medicinal herbs and spices.

    The herbs production phases for which our company offers a set of efficient and highly innovative machines are as follows:
  • - harvesting and mowing
  • - processing of fresh herbs
  • - drying
  • - processing of dry herbs

The finishing processes can be different for some herbs. If one considers that it is usual that producers have a production of many different herb species, they are required to have a range of different machines. In order to increase the efficiency and the profit of the producers, it is important to combine that kind of machines which can be used for wide range of herb species. Our company has developed very practical solutions based on multifunctional machines that can be used, with certain adapters or just with simple adjustments, for different herbs species.

Now our users are from everywhere in the world: Albania, Austria, Belorussia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech, Chile, Egypt, Finland, France, Greece, The Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, South Africa, Canada, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Mexico, Germany, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Syria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Serbia, Montenegro, Sudan, Tunis, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan