Vibration separators ST I, II & III VIBRO

Seeds, dried leaves, flower, pulvis

The vibration separators ST I, II & III VIBRO are machines specially designed for sieving seed products, dried leaves, flowers, pulvis etc. The main purpose of machine is to clean (calibrate) input material, to separate leaves from small parts of stalks, to remove dust and other unwanted elements.

This group of vibration separators, has several new members which represent wider versions of the existing machines. It is about ST I, II & III VIBRO W and the main difference is in wider perforation surface and with this bigger flow-through capacity. This means that W – type of vibration separators have bigger capacity over all.

Vibration control is through two vibration motors.

Sieve perforation depends on a customer needs and production capacities.

Size of a perforation directly influences material granulation. Smallest sieve's perforation is called “silky” sieve and it is used for dust removing.

Selected mass is automatically put in boxes or onto belt conveyors, which depends on customer needs.

On ST I VIBRO one sieve gives 2 fractions at the same time, ST II VIBRO has two sieves which are set giving 3 different fractions in one pass, while ST III VIBRO has three sieves and gives four fractions in one pass.

Vibrating separator allows variable sieve inclination from 5-10 degrees, oscillation frequencies and the oscillation direction. That makes it very suitable for different cultures and also for materials with different level of present impurities.

Vibration motor is powerful enough to work with heavy materials.

    Material dosage could be performed:
  • - manually into receiving hopper
  • - with belt conveyor