Chamomile Harvester VB 2002

Chamomile harvesting

Listening to our customers needs and with an idea to make harvesting season for farmers more productive we developed chamomile harvester VB 2002.

This is one of our first developed chamomile harvesters. Long-term exploitation and classical design provide basis for high quality harvester with excellent working efficiency, design and performance.

Machine has few main strengths:

  • - It is very easy for maintenance and
  • - it is fast in shifting from transport into working mode and reverse.


VB 2002 has big capacity receiving basket and robust construction. Possibility for harvesting height regulation and good field coping are some of the harvester characteristics.

The harvester has hopper of 2.2 m3 volume. Picked chamomile is transported to the hopper by a belt conveyor.

Harvester has wheels and belongs to the group of pulled machines. Tractor with engine power more than 40 kW can be used for pulling and driving.

From the hopper, picked chamomile is reloaded into the trailer and transported for drying. Hopper has hydraulic cylinders for unloading which reduce time consumption.

Tractor's engine working regime is 1500 rpm which represent a regime with maximal rotating couple and minimum fuel consumption.

Working organ has width of 1.8m. Machine standard production

Efficiency is restricted by organization, chamomile quality and tractor operator but average is 0.4 ha per hour.